Ranger 20 Rudder Repair

Started repair on a rudder from a Ranger 20, seems water found its way inside to the core, froze over the winter and split the rudder open.

The owner first cut out the damaged fiberglass skin to allow the foam core to dry.  I started the repair by cleaning out the foam to create a consistant void for re-coring.  I was going to re-core with Divinycell, but found the core had split and delaminated from one side of the fiberglass skin.  I cleaned out the damaged foam back under the skin and decided to re-core with pour foam, X-30 Polyurethane.

Foam is poured and trimmed, I will start grinding down the foam and edges of the fiberglass skin around the repair to prepare for re-glassing.  Should have the opening re-skinned tomorrow.

UPDATE 06/07/2010
New images -  re-glassed and ready for sanding.  Sanded and ready for faring.  Faring starts.

Re-glassed using 3 layers, bias alternated, of 6 oz. S Glass and 1 layer of 1.5 oz. matte.

UPDATE 06/09/2010
Finished final faring and primering:

More cracking and delamination.
Re-cored, ready for grinding and re-glassing