Dry Dock for the Winter


 One word "Scary!!"

I think all our hearts were beating like a race car red-lining down the strait, but we were able to hoist the boat off the trailer with no problems or drama.  We built a custom cradle to handle all the weight and equipment for the winter time projects.  The cradle is super stout, probably a bit overbuilt, but by removing just a few screws the whole cradle can be broken down into 6 pieces for easy transport or storage.

I posted a bunch of photos of the hoist and the cradle in the photo gallery.  We had the loaner tailer measured by our fabricator, Precision Welding, with some trick features like a spare tire that swings down and locks for ramp launching, and a bow chock that swings away for easier working access to bow.  It will be a while before actual build starts as we are doing a work-in-trade deal.  I will post updates and pictures when we are able to actually start trailer construction.  If you are looking for a trailer or need some custom work done to your existing trailer look no further, call Precision Welding!